even thought about going
December 5, 2009

son of a bitch. i thought about going to this show. cinematic sunrise, a side project of ex-chidos frontman craig owens, is breaking up. they’re playing some of their last shows in southern california and i considered going but didn’t.

guess who showed up? PETE fucking WENTZ. like, my favorite person ever. and i missed it. god damn. but you can check it over at absolutepunk.net


new clandestine
November 24, 2009

clandestine industries is pete wentz’s clothing company. i love pete wentz. just so you know. and his new death of neon line came out and it’s dope as fuck. someone buy me this. please?

for me. please?

check out the rest of the fresh non-neon stash at clandestineindustries.com