gayest straight dude you ever did see
November 22, 2009

so i went and saw new moon today. i liked it even more than twilight, although the lack of r pats was disappointing even to me. i can’t wait for eclipse because that movie is gonna be ballin’. i know, it’s very borderline gay. whatevs. at least kristen stewart is finally figuring out how to act, a little bit. although i don’t know how someone as nice as taylor lautner is going to pull of the emo-tastic brooding jacob of the next movie.

oh yeah, i saw it...and liked it

this brings me to my next vampire point. the vampire diaries (or vamp’d) is definitely one of my favorite new shows, which draws largely in part from the fact that it’s written by kevin williamson, but also because i love anything supernatural. (check the post under this one, duh.) ian somerhalder and paul wesley are pretty sweet vamps, although nina dobrev isn’t the greatest, i enjoy the show nonetheless. definitely my favorite new show…after…

vampires creek...oh, mix up

glee. this show is down-and-out the happiest, most upbeat show with a message i’ve ever seen. it makes me feel good just watching it. matthew morrison is an amazing actor, singer, dancer and i give major props to ryan murphy on the creation of this bad boy. who would have ever thought that the guy who brought us nip/tuck could bring about something this spectacular and positive.

best new show...easily