pick it up; totally worth it
November 14, 2009

just finished reading two amazing books. first off, part six in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy: and another thing…. it was written by eoin colfer, the dude who wrote artemis fowl, and he did a stellar job at keeping up the comedy.



also sat down and finished the graveyard book by neil gaiman in a day as well. it’s about a boy named nobody who lives in a graveyard, raised by various ghosts and goes on numerous adventures. gaiman totally works his magic craft with it, making it both a childrens book and an adult novel, with awesome art from dave mckean.


gaiman at his best

last but not least, i finally finished up borderlands for the xbox 360, by 2k games and gearbox. a really strong and funny fps mixed with role-playing elements. to do everything it only took about 20 to 25 hours and it was totally worth it. a great amount of fun, like a fallout and diablo mix.


enjoyed it thoroughly