gayest straight dude you ever did see

November 22, 2009 - Leave a Response

so i went and saw new moon today. i liked it even more than twilight, although the lack of r pats was disappointing even to me. i can’t wait for eclipse because that movie is gonna be ballin’. i know, it’s very borderline gay. whatevs. at least kristen stewart is finally figuring out how to act, a little bit. although i don’t know how someone as nice as taylor lautner is going to pull of the emo-tastic brooding jacob of the next movie.

oh yeah, i saw it...and liked it

this brings me to my next vampire point. the vampire diaries (or vamp’d) is definitely one of my favorite new shows, which draws largely in part from the fact that it’s written by kevin williamson, but also because i love anything supernatural. (check the post under this one, duh.) ian somerhalder and paul wesley are pretty sweet vamps, although nina dobrev isn’t the greatest, i enjoy the show nonetheless. definitely my favorite new show…after…

vampires creek...oh, mix up

glee. this show is down-and-out the happiest, most upbeat show with a message i’ve ever seen. it makes me feel good just watching it. matthew morrison is an amazing actor, singer, dancer and i give major props to ryan murphy on the creation of this bad boy. who would have ever thought that the guy who brought us nip/tuck could bring about something this spectacular and positive.

best new show...easily



oh, i love it

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supernatural season 4. my girlfriend and i went halfsies on it. i’ve been in love with the series after my bestie suggested it to me. i bought all three seasons on a whim and fell head over heels for it. i can confidently say that it’s one of my favorite shows. ever. jared padalecki and jansen ackles (j squared) are amazing.

season four owns

pick it up; totally worth it

November 14, 2009 - Leave a Response

just finished reading two amazing books. first off, part six in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy: and another thing…. it was written by eoin colfer, the dude who wrote artemis fowl, and he did a stellar job at keeping up the comedy.



also sat down and finished the graveyard book by neil gaiman in a day as well. it’s about a boy named nobody who lives in a graveyard, raised by various ghosts and goes on numerous adventures. gaiman totally works his magic craft with it, making it both a childrens book and an adult novel, with awesome art from dave mckean.


gaiman at his best

last but not least, i finally finished up borderlands for the xbox 360, by 2k games and gearbox. a really strong and funny fps mixed with role-playing elements. to do everything it only took about 20 to 25 hours and it was totally worth it. a great amount of fun, like a fallout and diablo mix.


enjoyed it thoroughly


very kick ass

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so the mark millar/john romita jr. critic darling, kick-ass, is being turned into a movie. what looks to be an awesome comic book adaptation. now i’m not even overly impressed with the comic, the first two issues being amazing and the rest coming across as sub par, but this trailer looks super rad.


can’t wait for this shit to drop. marvel knows where it’s at.

so many good games

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i’ve been playing the shit out of games recently. it’s a lovely feeling. just beat brutal legend, only have a few more sub missions to do and it’s done 100% for the single player campaign. i also picked up borderlands and tekken 6. both of the games are ice cream sweet and i’m digging them. borderlands is such a dark horse this gaming season, make sure to check it out, it’s like fallout 3 meets diablo meets awesome. and i love tekken. it’s my favorite fighting series so i’m totally into the game…but the last boss is one hell of a bitch. all on xbox 360, bitches.

beat it


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ch-ch-check it out

upbeats for downers

the freshest beats since cudi

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i love kid cudi and other brethren of the backpack hip hop crowd (such as lupe fiasco and tyga) but i think that my favorite songs of this sweet sub-genre of music come from a little known but potentially giant hip hop duo chiddy bang. fresh to death fer shure.

check their sweet flow at any of these pages!

‘cos they pretty much amazin’

and my personal favorite…

dragging you in

October 18, 2009 - Leave a Response

so if you haven’t seen Sam Raimi’s excellent re-introduction to the horror genre yet, you need to. Drag Me To Hell is out on dvd and blu ray now, i fortunately got to see it in theaters, and it’s just another example of what a great year it is for horror movies in general. Raimi hits a homer with this awesome and genuinely scary gypsy curse/demon horror flick. Sam and his brother, Ivan Raimi, wrote it and it stars Alison Lohman (who does a splendid job as scream queen), Justin Long and Lorna Raver. adding it to the list of horror movies any horror fan must see, for sure.

a great addition to the line up of recent awesome horror films

a great addition to the line up of recent awesome horror films

pretty excited for both of these movies

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so i’ve loved Toy Story since I was a kid and i’m beyond excited for Toy Story 3 to be coming out. Especially since Michael Keaton is going to be doing a voice over for it. I’m a big Keaton fan. The whole gang is back and it looks as great as ever, but i mean, of course it does. Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Disney and Pixar; they know what’s up.

Also, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus finally unveiled their full length trailer and it looks stunning. Very excited to see Heath Ledger in one last role and with Tom Waits, Christopher Plummer, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell all behind such a wonderland-esque story with Terry Gilliam at the helm I can’t see this turning out bad.

scariest movie ever

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hey. hey. this movie was the scariest fucking thing i’ve ever seen. fuck this movie, it was that scary. i love, love, horror movies and i still never wanna see it again. ever. Paranormal Activity is a must for horror fans.

scariest movie ever

scariest movie ever