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real art
December 31, 2009

it's SUPER

this pic by glen brogan is amazing. i loves it. check his stuff out at: mario, it’s classy shit.


this is dope
December 31, 2009

dj earworm has been doing these mixes for a while, end of the year comps, but this one is by far the best.

sick as fuck.

have you seen it yet?
December 31, 2009

sherlock holmes, have you seen it? you totally should. it was fucking baller. guy ritchie managed to make a bit of a comeback and he did it with this awesome victorian sleuth fest. robert downey jr (or rdj) was amazing as holmes but what was really nice is that jude law actually did a really awesome job as watson. i was a little let down by rachel mcadams performance but the movie as a whole was really fun.

very damn good

oh my god. could i get more excited?
December 5, 2009

marvel is amazing. iron man 2 will be amazing. i’m stoked.

this movie is going to be amazing

new show!
December 5, 2009

well, pretty old actually, but new to me. i just got into smallville. it was on sale so i bought the first three seasons of it. even though i’m not a huge superman fan, i am a giant DC and comic book fan. it speaks to my inner nerd, i love it. next…buffy.

even thought about going
December 5, 2009

son of a bitch. i thought about going to this show. cinematic sunrise, a side project of ex-chidos frontman craig owens, is breaking up. they’re playing some of their last shows in southern california and i considered going but didn’t.

guess who showed up? PETE fucking WENTZ. like, my favorite person ever. and i missed it. god damn. but you can check it over at